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Mosquito Control in Marietta GA

Mosquito Control
Jaxx Pest Control's Mosquito Management Program reduces the number of  mosquitoes in a given area by systematically controlling larval development and by efficiently controlling adult populations.

Adult Mosquito Control Solutions
Our service technician quickly control adult mosquito populations with the use of an exterior misting or fogging device.  For most residential treatments, our technician will use an Ultra Low Volume (ULV) backpack mister which will deliver extremely small, micron sized droplets of insecticide.  This will provide a residual to surfaces treated and adult mosquitoes will be reduced from resting on these treated surfaces.  Areas which are normally treated to consistently reduce adult populations include decking (including underneath), fencing, building walls, trees, plants, tall grass or weeds, shrubs, and other areas of the exterior that are deemed problematic for mosquito infestation.  This type of treatment uses a small amount of pesticide and all products used are E.P.A. approved and our applied in strict accordance to label directions.  (Larger service areas such as golf courses will require a larger misting/fogging device which may be truck or ATV mounted)

Larval Mosquito Control Solutions
After treating for adult mosquitoes, our technician will then concentrate on reducing the breeding sites for mosquito larvae.  Mosquitoes must have water to breed.  Standing water is the #1 breeding site for mosquito development.  Reduce standing water, reduce mosquitoes!  If these areas must be treated, and not emptied, our technician will use a larvicide to control mosquito larval development.  This affects only mosquito larvae and causes the larvae to be unable to pupate.  This is turn means no adult mosquitoes.  All products used are E.P.A. approved and will be applied in strict accordance to label directions.

Our mosquito service has best results on a monthly service plan between April and September.  Service does not have to be monthly to achieve results.  We do offer one-time, monthly, and quarterly service.

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